Why do companies finance equipment?

More than ever, equipment financing and equipment leasing equips America. Four of five U.S. Companies finance equipment including the Fortune 500. These companies have access to some of the lowest cost financing alternatives in the world. Yet, they choose equipment financing for quantitative and qualitative reasons.

Did you know?

More than 1/3 of all equipment sold in America is financed.

4 of 5 United States companies finance equipment, including the Fortune 500. Currently, m2 manages approximately 5000 loan contracts for roughly 4000 different companies across America.

More than $230 billion of equipment is financed annually. Loan sizes can range from $20,000 to $1,000,000.

Why finance with m2?

Financing makes economic and practical sense compared to other alternatives and m2 understands equipment. It's only logical that a company dedicated exclusively to providing equipment financing would be a wise choice to use for your capital equipment financing needs. Today, financing structures have come a long way and deliver the flexibility equipment users demand. You run your business, we'll provide the equipment financing. It's a partnership that works.

What it will cost to finance

Below is an example of what your monthly payment might be based on the finance term, equipment cost and monthly payment multiplier.

Term Equipment Cost Monthly Payment Multiplier Monthly Payment*
36 months $100,000 $.03088 $3088
60 months $100,000 $.01980 $1980
84 months $100,000 $.01510 $1510

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*Monthly payment rates are approximate, subject to acceptable credit, type of equipment finance agreement and overall money market conditions. To estimate your own monthly payment multiply the cost of the equipment you plan to acquire by the MONTHLY PAYMENT MULTIPLIER above.


m2 Equipment Finance LLC is considered a general business equipment finance company. Equipment can be financed for just about every industry.

A few examples of the types of capital equipment that m2 finances are:


Material Handling

Office Equipment


Marine / Ship Building




Office Furniture

Information Technology


Production Machines




Vocational Vehicles

Machine Tools

Plastic Injection

Health Care

Companies who finance equipment

m2 Equipment Finance has served a wide variety of businesses throughout the United States. We take great pride in our high percentage of repeat customers. We recognize that our success is measured by the success of our clients... clients like you. We have assisted a diverse group of businesses with their equipment financing needs.

Some examples of the type if businesses we assist can be found in the following list:

Accounting Firms

Advertising Agencies


Automotive Dealers

Automotive Repair

Architectural Firms




Boat Dealers


Construction Companies

Dental Clinics

Distribution Firms

Electrical Contractors

Engineering Companies

Environmental Consultants

Fitness Clubs

Food Processing


Graphic Arts

Insurance Companies

Internet Providers

Label Manufacturers

Law Firms


Marinas / Ship Yards

Machine Shops

Management Consultants

Medical Clinics

Metal Manufacturing


Plastic Extrusion

Plastic Thermoforming

Plumbing Contractors

Publishing Printing

Utility Contractors


Screen Printing

Veterinary Clinics