m2 Equipment Finance offers...

a full array of equipment financing products to suit your individual needs. We offer unique solutions which give your company flexible options before, during and at the end of the loan term.

m2 is a service provider to various companies that utilize our capabilities and product expertise to provide equipment financing to their customers.

In addition to direct equipment financing to end users, we offer:

• Private label or co-branded vendor financing programs

• Private label or co-branded bank financing programs

• EFA and/or lease portfolio purchases

Bank Financing

Because equipment financing is often viewed as a form of installment financing, banks offer it as a part of their mix of loan-type products to commercial customers.

m2 functions as a service provider to banks for this purpose. With little or no startup expense, a bank can open its own equipment finance department in as short as one month using the existing servicing capabilities of m2.

The bank equipment financing operation can offer loans under their own name (private label) or, again, just in affiliation with m2. In either case we perform all loan related activities for our partners from start to finish.

Vendor Financing

Manufacturers and sellers of business, commercial and industrial equipment find that sales close more quickly when they have a financing option to offer their customers.

The decision then becomes: finance or buy?

m2 works with them as a partner to provide a comprehensive, simple and convenient system to offer a financing alternative to their customers at the time of the equipment sale. These programs can be offered under the name of the vendor (private label) or just m2 as the loan provider.

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